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Universal AOI automatic optical inspection systems


Universal AOI automatic optical inspection systems

- The universal AOI automatic optical inspection system is designed by our company for most electronic enterprises.

It is an economical AOI automatic optical inspection system designed for users with quality inspection requirements, but economic concerns over the costs for professional development. It is a universal AOI automatic optical inspection system specially designed for PCBA defect detection of 0201 elements or larger. It has the main advantages of high programming speed, easy operation, accurate detection, effective reduction of labor costs, suitability for small batch production, and powerful statistical analysis (SPC) function, allowing you to have a good understanding of poor quality. In addition, our high-precision screw and guide rail are imported parts which ensure stable operation and long life of the equipment. In order to better serve our users, this universal AOI automatic optical inspection system provides free trial service. Main functional configuration parameters of Universal AOI automatic optical inspection systems:

Detection circuit board type: After reflow oven, after DIP wave soldering, after dispensing, keyboard character; manual detection method: Statistical modeling, full color image comparison, automatic setting of parameters according to different detection points (such as offset, polarity, short circuit, etc.)

Industrial Camera: Full Color CCD high-speed intelligent digital camera 200W image

Resolution: (standard) 20μm / Pixel

Visual Range: FOV: 32.56 × 24.72

Detection speed: <210ms / FOV (standard)

Substrate size: 20 × 20mm-370 × 470mm Substrate thickness: +/- 3mm

Net substrate height: above: ≤ 30mm; below: ≤ 40mm

Minimum part test: 20μm: 0402chip & 0.3pitch IC

Detection light source: Highlight new RRG tri-color coaxial tower LED light source (color light)

Programming mode: manual preparation, automatic frame, CAD data into the corresponding automatic component library

Remote Control: remote operation via TCP / IP network, viewing anytime, anywhere, start or stop the operation of the machine, modify procedures and other operations

Defective Test Type: Defective parts: missing parts, offset, skew, erecting, side upright, turning pieces, wrong parts, OCV, broken, reverse, etc.

Solder joint defects: tin, tin less, Weld, tin, copper foil and other solder paste printing: no, offset, less tin, tin, open circuit, even tin, pollution, etc.

Special features: multiple programs running at the same time, support for automatic retrieval procedures; check 0-359 ° rotating parts (unit is 1 °)

SPC and process control: record test data and statistics and analysis, real-time view of production status and quality analysis, can output Excel, Txt and other file formats Barcode system: 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional code

Server mode: The center server, several AOI data centralized management (optional)

Operating System: Windows xp 19-inch LCD monitor

Check the results of the output: OK / NG signal, send data files to Repair station These are the universal AOI automatic optical detector details and technical parameters, the need to try please contact customer service

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