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PCBA Multi-piece AOI Detection Method


Shenzhen Ektron Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, sale and service of AOI equipment for electromechanical device (AOI, AOI automatic optical inspection systems, AOI vision detector, tin dross recovery machines, reflow soldering, wave soldering, SMT peripheral products and motor automatic testers).

AOI generally detects the failure modes of welding parts by programming the mounting points. For many problems in non-welding areas, whether a good detection method remains unknown in the industry… At present, what types of AOI have such functions?

It is possible to set the position detection in the program. It is simple to add an inspection window, but the position to add it is unpredictable. If a full-board scan comparison function is available, defects of these unpredictable flying parts may be captured...

I have witnessed the implementation of Deutsche Telekom AOI. The detection principle is that as long as the brightness is detected, the alarm can be given. The conditions of detection can be set, with full board coverage. MIRTEC can also realize such functions, and it also adopts the full-board scan. The detection principle is image contrast and the detection is slow.

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