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  • 产品名称: offline AOI EKT-VT-680
  • Added Time: 2018-06-01
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  PCB Application

Application process

After stencil printing, after/before hot air reflow

Can test both sides and multiple PCBs simultaneously

PCB dimension


PCB thickness


PCB space






After stencil printing

 Solder paste unavailability, insufficient or excessive solder paste, solder paste misalignment, solder paste bridging, stain , scratch and so on.

Before or after  reflow soldering

Missing or excessive component, misalignment, uneven, edging defect, opposite mounting , wrong polarity, wrong or bad components.

Before or after DIP wave soldering

Excessive or missing component, empty soldering, solder balls, solder misalignment, edging defect, bridging, IC NG, copper stain etc.




Visual system

Image system

CCD camera, DAHENG 500 million px

Lighting system

Three-channel white led light source or RGB light source

Resolution ratio

18um(FOV dimension:28.8 mm×21.6 mm)

Inspection mode

Color calculation, color extraction, gray-scale operations, image matching, etc

Mechanical system

X/Y driving system

AC servo motor, Precision grinding ball screw

PCB fixing mode

Auto fixture

Positioning accuracy

<8 um

Moving speed


Orbital adjustment



Software system

Operation system

Windows XP, ram 4GB

Interface language

Chinese/English optional

Inspection output

PCB ID, PCB description, component description,defect description, defect image



Operation temperature


Operation humidity

20-90%RH  non condensing

Machine dimension