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  • 产品名称: Solder Recovery System
  • Added Time: 2018-06-01
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Product Description:

The Solder Recovery System enables PCB manufacturers to recycle solder onsite directly from their wave solder machines.

EKT-SRS solder recovery system is designed to extract and purify solder from solder dross to reuse in wave soldering process so as to achieve cost reduction and environment conservation.

EKT-SRS  solder recovery (recycling) system owns National Utility Model patent, it saves up to 50% in solder costs in the wave soldering process.


Features of EKT solder recovery system:

Easy operation, high efficiency and directly reclaim pure solder from wave solder machine;

Uses no chemicals, radiation, additives or other toxic substances,separate pure solder with residual dross to respective containers continually and automatically;

Lead-free, environment friendly;

Operates with an integral filtration system– filtering smells and fumes;

Tested by China Electronic Lab that the composition of recovered solder is exactly the same as the solder in your solder pot;

Met SGS environmental requirement test ROHS regulation;

Adopt microcomputer with PLC control, performance stable and reliable;

Friendy and convenient interface for operator, user can switch English and Chinese freely.


Structure of  device:

Outside feeding system: convenient for operation and keep machine clean inside;

Centrifugal filler mixing system: ensure continuous and homogeneous filling of solder mixture .

Inner cooling system:fast cooling for recovered solder, reduce oxidation and improve efficiency;

Residual dross bin: fast cooling, reduce heat transmission and fume pollution;

Sealed separating system: with imported antiseptic titanium alloy and stainless steel NO.316, ensure reliable life cycle and quality.

Collection of pure solder: automatically collect recovered solder into molding slot  under control of electro-optic sensor and brake motor.