Aoi Equipment Training:

● After the AOI equipment arrives at the customer's office, our company will send an engineer to the customer’s site to provide training for the operating personnel of the relevant customer department. Generally, we provide free training for 2-3 people. Training period: 7-14 days (can be flexibly arranged according to the specific conditions of the customer).
● Within one year after the equipment is sold to the customer, if the trained personnel of the customer needs re-training because the old staff had left the company or due to other reasons, our company will send engineers to your company to provide free training!
● We can provide training for customers at our factory in Shenzhen according to the customer's needs. Our company can arrange accommodation and other related matters.

AOI equipment after-sales service and warranty:

● One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment after acceptance.
● During the warranty period, all parts and components are replaceable free of charge; after the warranty expires, maintenance services can be provided based on the warranty agreement, and only the cost of the accessories will be charged. Damages to the product caused by non-quality reasons are at the expense of the user.
● The Customer Service Department responds to customer requests 24 hours a day. General problems can be solved by telephone. For problems that cannot be solved by the telephone, our personnel will arrive at the scene within 12 hours under normal circumstances. If it is the problem of a defective accessory that needs to be replaced, we promise to solve the problem within 48 hours to ensure production and tests!
● We offer free lifetime upgrades to customers' software to ensure the latest software version and complete functionality.
● Call back customers from time to time and return visits to customers, to communicate with customers and address related issues in a timely manner


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